This page lists publications I authored or co-authored in connection with my PhD research. Please note that I am no longer involved in academic work though.

“Integrating web-based Virtual Learning Environments with immersive Multi-User Virtual Environments”
Peter Russell Bloomfield
PhD thesis, University of the West of Scotland, 2017

“Expanding a VLE-based integration framework supporting education in Second Life”
Peter R. Bloomfield
In M. Ma, A. Oikonomou and L. C. Jain (Eds.) “Serious Games and Edutainment Applications”, Springer, 2011

“Mixed-Methods and Mixed-Worlds: Engaging Globally Distributed User Groups for Extended Evaluation and Studies”
Daniel Livingstone, Peter R. Bloomfield
In A. Peachey, J. Gillen, D. Livingstone and S. Smith-Robbins (Eds.) “Researching Learning in Virtual Worlds”, Human-computer Interaction Series, Springer, 2010

“SLOODLE: Connecting VLE tools with emergent teaching practice in Second Life”
Jeremy Kemp, Daniel Livingstone, Peter R. Bloomfield
British Journal of Educational Technology, 40(3), pp551-555, 2009

“Immersive learning and assessment with quizHUD”
Peter R. Bloomfield, Daniel Livingstone
Computing and Information Systems Journal, 13(1), University of the West of Scotland, Paisley, 2009

“Multi-user virtual environments for learning meet learning management”
Daniel Livingstone, Jeremy Kemp, Edmund Edgar, Chris Surridge, Peter R. Bloomfield
In T. Connolly, M. Stansfield and L. Boyle (Eds.) “Games-based learning advancements for multi-sensory human computer interfaces: Techniques and effective practices”, IGI Global, pp34-50, Information Science Reference, 2009

“Multi-modal learning and assessment in Second Life with quizHUD”
Peter R. Bloomfield, Daniel Livingstone
1st IEEE Conference Virtual Worlds for Serious Applications (VS-Games 2009), pp217-218, Coventry, UK, 2009

“VLE and MUVE Integration: Exploratory Survey Data Summary”
Peter R. Bloomfield
Computing and Information Systems Technical Reports, 48, University of the West of Scotland, UK, ISSN 1461-6122, 2009

“HTML on a prim: Uses and abuses”
Daniel Livingstone, Malcolme Crowe, Peter R. Bloomfield
In Proceedings of the Second Life Educators Community Convention, 2008

“Sloodle – Real learning, virtual world”
Peter R. Bloomfield
In “Kunstzone”, Netherlands, October 2008