My rendition of a popular piece by Edward MacDowell.


About this piece

“To a Wild Rose” is one of the most popular pieces composed by American musician Edward MacDowell. It is the first item from his 1896 collection “10 Woodland Sketches” (Opus 51), and the sheet music can be found free in various places online, such as the Petrucci Music Library.

MacDowell was a romantic era musician who studied at the Paris Conservatoire, as well as Dr. Hoch’s Conservatory in Frankfurt. He later returned to America, and eventually became professor of music at Columbia University.

About this recording

In this recording, I’ve tried to be faithful to the original composition. It’s slightly faster than I would naturally play it, but I believe this is roughly the intended tempo.


I’ve licensed the recording as Creative Commons Attribution, which means you’re free to re-use it as long as you give me credit. I’d like to request that you don’t use it for commercial purposes without my permission though.

If you find it useful then please let me know.