An original guitar composition by me.


Sheet music

Click here to get the sheet music (free) on MuseScore.

About this piece

Firstly, sorry about my lack of guitar skill in the video above. I don’t practice nearly often enough!

This piece is intended to be like a short musical narrative of a relaxing scene. What I see in my mind’s eye is a peaceful and sunny afternoon beside a lake, where you can leave life’s troubles behind for a little while.

I originally wrote it in 2002 for acoustic guitar, and named it “Dolce Serenade” (“dolce” roughly translates to “sweet”). It’s never been performed or published before though, and I’ve tweaked it a little over the years, including changing the name to be a bit more down-to-earth. I’ve opted for an electric guitar in the video above mainly because I don’t have a decent microphone for recording acoustic! :)

Playing tips

The sheet music is available online if you’d like to play this piece yourself. The link to download it is under the video above.

Above all else, take it easy when playing Lakeside. Don’t stress about getting all the timings exact, or keeping the tempo 100% consistent. Feel free to put pauses in. With that said, it’s got to keep a reasonable pace though, otherwise it turns into more of a lament. I recommend a tempo of around 64 bpm per minim (half-note).

Arpeggiate chords as you see fit, except in bars 30-35.

As you can see in the sheet music, I’ve made heavy use of barre chords. Don’t be put off by that — in many cases there’s hardly any fingering except the barre itself.

The timing in the last three bars is very much up to you. I recommend slowing it right down in the 3rd-to-last bar and lingering quite a bit on the pause. Go back almost to full speed as you start the 2nd last bar, and then slow it right down for the last few notes.

Experiment with allowing notes to linger through various bars, instead of muting them manually. This is especially important in the last two bars, although the fingering makes it quite tricky.


You’re welcome to use the sheet music and the recording for non-commercial purposes. I just ask that you give me credit, and please let me know if you find it useful.

Commercial rights are reserved, but I’m sure something can be arranged if you’re interested.