An original composition by me for two pianos (or three hands on one piano).


Please turn your volume up as the recording is rather quiet.

Sheet music

Click here to download the sheet music (free) from MuseScore.

The sheet music doesn't exactly match what I was playing in the recording. I rarely stick to the notes on the page, even when I wrote them!

About this piece

I wrote this piece of music as the bridal entry for my wife when we got married. I hadn't originally intended to write music for it as the wedding preparations were already much too stressful (I got far more stressed than she did!). However, some musical ideas took shape when I was sitting at the piano a few weeks before the big day, and after a couple of days' work, this was the result. It's quite long because it covered the entry of the entire bridal party, including parents and bridesmaids.

The original motif I landed on was the first two bars for piano 2 in section B (see the sheet music link above). I recorded and looped it on my digital piano while I played with a few melodies above it. I gradually fleshed it out to become the main theme.

My biggest battle when composing is always in keeping the music simple. It's very easy to let the ideas become muddled or to lose the original thread. The time pressure in this case helped me focus in some ways. I'm sure I could have spent far longer tweaking it without really making it any better.

Playing tips

The sheet music probably makes the piece look a little harder than it is. You do need three hands to play it as written (or record each part separately as I did). However, each part is fairly simple and follows quite predictable chord progressions.

Finding the right pace is important. It should stay steady, neither dragging nor rushing. Keeping it simple is also vital, allowing piano 1 to sing out clearly when it comes in (section B). Pay attention to measures 43 and 51 though where there is an important piece of melody in piano 2 as well.


You’re welcome to use the sheet music and the recording for non-commercial purposes. I just ask that you give me credit, and please let me know if you find it useful.

Commercial rights are reserved, but I’m sure something can be arranged if you’re interested.