My blues piano interpretation of the famous hymn.


Sheet music

I'm sorry I don't have any sheet music for this arrangement as it was entirely improvised. I don't think a transcription could really do it justice. However, here's a rough outline of the chord progressions I was using:

About this piece

Amazing Grace is one of the best known and loved hymns of all time. The lyrics were written in the 18th century by John Newton, who had been involved in slave trade but later turned away from it and became a church minister. The tune we typically associate with the hymn today is called “New Britain”. However, that wasn’t always the case. In fact, the lyrics weren’t set to that tune until nearly 30 years after Newton’s death.

You can get more information about Amazing Grace on Wikipedia.

About this arrangement

This recording was almost entirely spontaneous one day when I happened to have recording equipment setup. It was a piece of music itching to get played, so I just went for it. Admittedly, I messed up the first take, so this was the second… hence almost entirely spontaneous… :)

I played the piece in D, using 4-time rather than the traditional 3. I also incorporated several diminished chords into the harmonic progressions, which aren’t typical in a traditional interpretation. I found that the right voicing and timing for these gave a nice bluesy dissonance-resolution. As always with blues, I also liberally threw in some pentatonic scales and blue notes.


I released this recording under a Creative Commons Attribution license. This means you are welcome to use the audio itself in your own videos and other work, as long as you credit me appropriately.

If you find it useful then please let me know.