A free and uniquely challenging pool game for 1-4 players, based on the patented Octapool ® concept by Aarcee Ltd.

Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. (Requires iOS 4.1 or later)

Octapool screenshot

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The game of Octapool uses an 8-sided pool table with 9 pockets. The rules are very similar to UK 8-ball pool — the objective is to pot all balls of your own colour, and then pot the black to win the game. However, the Octapool table has colour-coded pockets, and each ball can only be potted in a pocket of the same colour.

The shape of the table makes the game more challenging than conventional pool. Expert players may suddenly find themselves needing to learn a new strategy!


The multi-player version of Octapool allows up to 4 sets of coloured balls: blue, red, green, and yellow. Players are assigned a colour before the game begins, and are not allowed to pot any other colour. Only the required number of sets are included in a game, allowing 2, 3 or 4 players to compete with each other on the same handset.

Octapool also includes a single player game, which is points based. All 4 sets of balls are included on the table, and you are allowed to pot any colour. You gain points for potting balls in the corresponding coloured pockets, and lose points for fouls. How many points can you score?

About the app

I developed the Octapool app for Aarcee Ltd. who now distribute it. Unfortunately I can’t offer much in the way of technical support, as I’m no longer part of the Apple Developer Programme.