Prevent Word from putting page breaks in table rows

If you’re using large tables in Word, you may sometimes find that they run across more than one page. Quite often, the page break occurs inside a row, which means the row gets split across two pages. To the person reading it, this can potentially make it look like two separate rows, which is frustrating.

The usual “Keep lines together” paragraph options don’t prevent this. You need to set the table properties instead.

The solution

Select the affected row(s) and open the Table Properties dialog. In Word 2007 / 2010, you can find it on the Table Tools -> Layout tab. In Word 2003, you can find it in the Table menu.

When the dialog opens, select the Row tab. You will see a checkbox labelled: “Allow row to break across pages”. Untick this box, and click OK.

You can do this on a row-by-row basis if you like. However, you can also apply it to multiple rows at the same (or even multiple tables if necessary). Simply select all the rows/tables you want to apply it to before opening the Table Properties dialog.

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