Avenging the Homeworld

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About this composition

This is a fairly rough first version of a sci-fi inspired composition. It’s a totally different direction to my usual stuff (sorry if that took you by surprise!). The basic themes I was exploring were loss and isolation, followed by a determination to fight back against a grave injustice. If, like me, you’re a Doctor Who fan, then imagine the Doctor’s feelings about Gallifrey, and that’s kind of the direction I was going.

I briefly mocked-up the accompanying image (above) in The GIMP to give some sense of context. Apologies for my very limited artistic ability, but hopefully it helps you visualise the setting if you’re not a fellow sci-fi geek! :)


All rights are currently reserved. You may listen to this recording online for personal purposes. However, please do not re-use the recording anywhere else, or make any derivative works.

All rights for the image above are also reserved… although I seriously doubt anybody would want to use it anyway!

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