Octapool iPhone app released

I’ve spent a little time this year working as an iPhone developer, and I’m pleased to report that “Octapool” was released onto the app store today. It’s a free app, based on a unique pool concept patented by Aarcee Ltd., played on an 8-sided table. The idea is to let people experience a little taste of Octapool, and possibly encourage them to buy a real table.

Octapool screenshot

Some technical details

The Octapool app was developed entirely by me, programming with Objective-C in Apple’s XCode. The budget for this project was very limited, so I had to use a free 2d game engine called Cocos2d, with physical modelling provided by Chipmunk. The game artwork was created using free and open source applications: Blender for 3d assets, and GIMP and Inkscape for 2d. Lots of gratitude goes to the developers of these engines and applications!


I was working very much part-time over a long period to develop this app, but a total of about 28 days of work went into it (that included some time for market research). After the app was developed, it took just over a week to be reviewed by Apple.

More information

If you would like to know more about the app, you can visit my Octapool webpage, or view the app on the iTunes App Store. To learn more about the Octapool tables from Aarcee Ltd., please visit Octapool.com.

I will be giving a lecture about my experience of freelance iPhone development for 1st year CGT/CGD students at the University of the West of Scotland. It will happen on 6th December 2010, at the Paisley and Hamilton campuses.

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